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Geeklaces is a small company that started on May 1, 2021 in Switzerland in Geneva, the idea came to us when as a child we could not tie our shoes and at recess we tripped while playing because of the loosened laces. Growing up we kept this habit of putting our laces in shoes for aesthetics by hiding them in sneakers, the problem was that we caught blisters and the shoes did not fit on the feet.

It's finally over, with our new generation elastic laces and their accessories, which adapt to everyone and on a large selection of shoes with eyelets, we always strive to find a unique model and of a new kind. , to make your everyday life easier.

Our passion is innovative, practical and comfortable laces that adapt to all personalities, adults, adolescents or children and especially suitable for the elderly and people with reduced mobility, to make their everyday lives easier.


Our laces allow everyone to find what they are looking for with variations of colors and styles for optimal comfort. We have added decorations for adults and children to our elastic laces that will brighten up your different sneakers and make them simply unique.

We make it a point of honor to always offer you quality products and work with very good suppliers. Considering a lot of imitations, we are proud to work with the supplier of one of the biggest basketball brands in the world. Our strong point is that we ship and sell our items from Switzerland and do not partner with other merchant sites based abroad, it is an absolute priority! You will thus obtain quality service, fast delivery and after-sales service at your service. We hope you enjoy shopping on our site.  

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