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The invisible fixation

Finally an  invisible, aesthetic and practical lacing, taking off and putting on your trainers will become child's play and will delight  children, as well as parents. Fini de perdre un temps précieux a noué vos lacets, ils offrent un meilleur ajustement et s'adaptent au mouvement feet. 


Elastic laces

Our high quality elastic shoelaces are  designed  for strong strength and flexibility and provide you  with the best fit and avoid the best comfort. disadvantages of traditional shoelaces. Suitable for different types of shoes with eyelets, perfect for all your activities and hobbies, really ideal  for children. 



Video montage of elastic laces with invisible fasteners

Elastic laces with invisible fasteners

VAT Included
    • 2 elastic laces of 100 cm
    • 4 fixings (fasteners) in stainless steel 
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