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Claw toe closure

Cette nouvelle génération de fixation à embouts est beaucoup mieux adapté aux lacets élastiques avec une fixation à griffes qui tiennent mieux with the laces and are always as playful as these sisters with rhinestone decorations or with de daisies. Once attached to the laces, these tips no longer move, allowing your sneakers to be held in place gently.


Elastic laces

Attached to our high quality rubber and polyester elastic shoelaces, designed for strong resistance and excellent flexibility without deforming, provide you with optimal comfort, no more wasting precious time tying your shoelaces, they offer a better fit and avoid the disadvantages of traditional shoelaces.


Elastic laces with claw tips

VAT Included
    • 2 elastic laces of 100 cm  
    • 4 steel tips, according to your choices
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