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One-click buckles avec claw fixing

Fast lacing with our new buckles without stainless steel magnets, the buckles are fixed to the laces with a system of  claws without screws  for an even faster installation and thus avoid the loss of the screws during the fastening to the laces. They are well suited for your sports activities, because without magnets they do not risk  opening during your sports performances, they also remain an excellent fashion accessory for your various shoes or sneakers with eyelets.



Attached to our high quality rubber and polyester elastic laces, designed for strong resistance and excellent flexibility  without deforming, we provide you with optimal comfort, no more wasting precious time tying your laces, they offer a better fit and avoid the disadvantages of traditional laces.



Video instruction for installing your laces with buckles without magnets and claw fasteners. 




Elastic laces with one "click" clasps

VAT Included
    • 2 elastic laces of 100 cm
    • 2 clip clasps with fastening claws
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